Brazilian Touch™ Hand Cream


Our hand cream is now more moisturizing than ever to nourish even the driest hands – delivering everything from instant dry skin rescue to spa-like pampering, any time. Made with hand-picked, highly effective ingredients, our luxuriously rich hand and nail treatment comforts and conditions. It’s love at first touch.

  • Our fast-absorbing, creamy formula locks in next-level hydration and helps support skin’s natural barrier and microbiome.
  • Featuring our uplifting Cheirosa ’62 scent with notes of pistachio and salted caramel.
  • Our hand cream lives in a fully recyclable tube made from 33% sugarcane-derived material.

How is the New Brazilian Touch Hand Cream better than the first hand cream?

We focused on 2 key changes for our Brazilian babes: the most moisturizing formula and new sustainable packaging.

What was the formula change?

We changed the formula for our Brazilian Touch Hand Cream to increase the moisturization benefits significantly to nourish even the driest of hands. We added plant-based Squalane and Sodium Hyaluronate to make it even more hydrating and lock in that moisture. It’s love at first touch.

Could you describe the feeling on your hands?

It is still fast-absorbing but now leaves a hydrated, natural feeling on the skin rather than the powder-like feeling of our previous Hand Cream. And of course, still leaves you with our iconic Cheirosa ’62 scent!

What is different about the packaging?

We knew that our Brazilian babes are constantly on the go and needed a hand cream that could move with them. We designed our new Brazilian Touch Hand Cream to have an easy flip-top tube for easy access. We also took the opportunity to make our all-in-one tube not only fully recyclable but also made from 33% sugarcane-derived resin instead of traditional plastic. When the tube is empty, simply place it in your recycling bin and get onto and grab yourself another!